Anonymous said:
Why'd you ignore my ask about you being biphobic?

It’s not ignored, it’s in the queue.

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Anonymous said:
Stop being enablist with queerbating! You didn't find it offensive but that doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Do you not understand the real issue here?

I didn’t say I don’t have an issue with it? I just also noted she calls out heteronormativity.

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Anonymous said:
in the latest outlast kim and hannah ""admit"" that theyre dating, when of course they arent and likely would not even consider a relationship with another woman. queerbaiting?

Hooooooooold on soldier, I wouldn’t go so far to say that Kim wouldn’t consider a relationship with another woman. We legit have no clue if she does or doesn’t like other genders so stop there.

The pretending to be dating part was a tiny bit of queerbaiting though.

The other part where Kim called out the heteronormative thinking going on was nice.

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Anonymous said:
I love this blog; however gendering Minecraft mobs isn't really an issue unless it's encouraging hetronormality, cisnormality or things like that. My reason for saying this is that Minecraft mobs are a bunch of pixels which are not capable of independent thought. Assigning genders to a few mobs should not be a problem; I feel like you should however focus on assigning genders of all mobs / limiting them to only two genders. ((sorry if this sounds rude))

Ok, I get where you’re coming from entirely, but the fact that it happens so frequently when mating is brought up and they act so confused is more of a sign of just how ingrained cisnormativity and heteronormativity is. It is erasure of non-binary genders (as a non-binary person myself I’ve always found the genderless nature of Minecraft to be very comforting) and it’s not just a few mobs. I have yet to see them acknowledge the lack of gender in Minecraft, and it’s somewhat saddening given the size of their audience that they are contributing to cisnormativity and heteronormativity in this way.

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Anonymous said:
Hello! I haven't watched Yogscast in years, way back when it was just Simon, Hannah and Lewis. I thought I'd start again, but not watch the main three since, well, personal reasons that are the reason I stopped in the first place. I started to watch one called Nilesy, and was wondering if I should be aware of any problematic content they have done just to prepare myself? Or if you can't answer me, could one of your followers perhaps? I just would like to know before I dive on in!

I’m unaware of Nilesy having done anything within a video that needs pointing out? He does play horror games and that might not be your thing but other than that I’m not really aware of anything particular. He does gender Minecraft mobs but that’s pretty much it.


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Anonymous said:
Your persecution complex is showing. Whyre you focusing on the symptoms (the few bad things people in the Yogscast say compared to everything they do) versus the source of the problem? Like Hannah mostly and also Kim have called out misogyny in gaming before, which is one of those real problems. You don't blame a cancer patients hair for falling out because of the cancer!

'Real problems'. 

I’ve literally constantly stated that the issues with the Yogscast is that they’re socialized the same way everyone else is so everything they do most of the time is out of plain ignorance? That explains it but doesn’t excuse the behaviour.

But if that behaviour is pointed out and they continue to perpetuate it knowingly that’s not ignorance anymore.

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stevenstelfox said:
Hi, quick question! D'you guys know if there's a tumblr dedicated entirely to trigger warnings in the yogscast? Thanks for your time!

hello! as far as i know such a tumblr does not exist.

but if it does, it would be wonderful if somebody could link us to it! :)

(no problem & you’re welcome!)

-mod b

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Anonymous said:
plus you know there's some genuinely dark shit in a few of the yogscast members' histories that ought to be highlighted (where possible based on the feelings of the victims). this isn't just "they said something offensive" - it's occasionally "someone did something really awful to me"

thank you for adding that, exactly.

i’ll quickly quote from one of my posts:

that being said: the members of the yogscast are people.

that means they are absolutely capable of every nuance there is to a human being and that includes the bad stuff. 

glorification always leads to damage (or has already led to damage).

-mod b

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itsamesidney said:
oh my GOD are people actually whining about you guys being """rude""" jesus dicks you guys are doing outstandingly well manners-wise for handling all these people. like you have made it very clear that you like the yogscast and you are trying to provide warnings for those who also like them to avoid unwanted content but people still go on about being a "troll blog" oh my god stop denying that the yogscast sometimes says bad shit and it would be nice of them to actually try to change that

thank you very much for your kind words! <3

-mod b

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Anonymous said:
Your entire point for this blog was to "educate" the Yogscast yet you're saying the "oppressed" don't have to educate their oppressors.. so what is this blog doing besides nitpicking and crying? Being calm or friendly wasn't my point. My point is that abusing someone to the stage you get blocked doesn't help your cause (also the fact none of the yogs like this blog?) The oppressed don't care about my feelings? I suppose it's the reason no one cares about them. This blog makes zero sense.
look anon, i do not owe you an answer and quite frankly, being pushy about it does not make me (or any of the other mods) want to answer your asks any quicker. be reasonable.
i’m going to reply to your ask bit by bit:
Your entire point for this blog was to “educate” the Yogscast yet you’re saying the “oppressed” don’t have to educate their oppressors…
yes, that’s true. both statements can exist at the same time.
because the thing is: privileged people need to listen and do their own research. there are a lot of sources out there, oppressed people have written and spoken about oppression of all kinds. this is not a new thing. the material is out there. if you are interested in becoming a better person, search for it and learn. oppressed people do not owe privileged people anything. see what i’m getting at? you have to put things into a greater perspective.
i honestly do not understand this type of mindset.
most of the time, we also add a (brief) explanation _why_ thing x is problematic. but that should only be the starting point for people to go and think for themselves and educate themselves. a lot of the issues we are talking about are too nuanced (race, gender etc.), too big (feminism etc.) to discuss in this format (via asks etc.) in their entirety because we try to include everything that is problematic.
so what is this blog doing besides nitpicking and crying?
see the paragraph above ^
Being calm or friendly wasn’t my point.
in your last ask you said: "It’s pretty funny because last time I checked teachers don’t scream at students until they’re fired for their actions."
you took issue with our / my tone?
My point is that abusing someone to the stage you get blocked doesn’t help your cause (also the fact none of the yogs like this blog?)
mod a did not abuse martyn on twitter. go back and read the posts they made about it. also, blocking someone on twitter or any other type of social media is not proof for abuse. you can block people for a number of reasons, one of them being that you do not like their opinion. drop the issue.
the yogs do not need to like this blog. we are talking about their content, we don’t discuss them as individuals because we do not know them.
The oppressed don’t care about my feelings? I suppose it’s the reason no one cares about them. 
if you are not willing to listen, no amount of fluff and sweet words and please and thank you will convince you that oppressed people deserve better. if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. this is about having empathy and trying to change for the better.
This blog makes zero sense.
well, feel free to ignore it, then?
i hope this cleared things up.
-mod b
edit: i feel like i need to add this again. we are people, we mess up. i am not perfect. this is all a work in progress and we are learning as we go. i am not above all this and i will apologize for the things i do wrong.
Mod A here, gonna add something which creeped me the heck out with this ask. “The oppressed don’t care about my feelings? I suppose it’s the reason no one cares about them.” You’re basically implying that giving people their basic rights is conditional. You’re saying that you need to earn them and that that’s by conditions that you set. That’s horribly scary to have as a mentality. “You only get your rights if you behave in a way I deem worthy of having them.”
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