1. Anonymous said:
    the new dirt quests are becoming more and more racist and like I've just started dirt quest 34 and this is disgusting frankly the appropriation of Japanese culture/language is just too much

    I’ll watch it soon and make a post on it anon. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop with asks lately, been working on yogstuck. 

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  3. Anonymous said:
    Which Yogs are most problematic?

    I don’t exactly know if there’s a level which you can put them on? Like there isn’t exactly a scale to say “Oh they’re 40% more problematic than ___”. It tends to be all around problematic behaviour but some are way better at apologizing or avoiding it.

    I mean the people I personally see as a bit more problematic are Sjin and Ridgedog but I don’t think it needs to be explained why.

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  5. the-transcendent said:
    DirtQuest #31 has some incredibly ableist language and jokes. From around 3:20 to 4:00. I'm appalled.

    thank you for informing us!

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  7. Anonymous said:
    In Will Strife's' Final Fantasy XIV Online video, he says he doesn't want his character to wear too much bright colored makeup because he doesn't want her to look like a 'whore' around 13:33 to 13:35. So dang rude and just such a gross attitude towards women who like makeup and wear it for themselves to feel good regardless of it's brightness or how much one wears.

    ugh, that sounds awful!

    thank you anon!

    -mod b

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  9. Anonymous said:
    Then don't switch suddenly. Make a gradual change. Content notice is a less problematic term. Make a heads up for people so they can add their terms to their blacklist, leave the tw tag for a while, and then gradually phase it out. Keep tw for actually triggering things like #tw: gore #tw: rape, etc.

    The heads up for people who have been following us is good and dandy but the issue is, new people that follow are unaware and out of the loop.

    And the trigger tag system on tumblr wasn’t made just for PTSD. Trigger warnings are in general to avoid content you don’t want to see.

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  11. Anonymous said:
    I have a bit of a problem navigating your site now :/ Did you change your tagging system? How do you tag Ridgedog?

    I think it’s still the same? Generally tags involving problematic things done by the person are tagged problematic _____ and vice versa if they’ve done something they should have done then it’s the decent _____ tag. 

    Did we miss a tag somewhere?

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  13. Anonymous said:
    Hey, why do people think that Ridgedog's apology wasn't enough to make up for what he did? Because I was brought up to believe that apologies are sincere but :/

    because he made it about himself, and an apology shouldn’t be about the person’s feelings who messed up in the first place; he also sprinkled some tone-policing on top of it which makes the whole post useless imo.

    -mod b

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  15. Fun fact for that person who just submitted, the common warning people use is trigger warnings, to stop tagging stuff as trigger warning would be to go out of what they usually blacklist so it kind of defeats the point to switch up suddenly.

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  17. Anonymous said:
    In the YogDonalds episode the whole thing could be very traumatic to vegetarians and did not come with a warning about fake animal cruelty. or is that not as much of an issue as the stuff posted on here?

    i just tried to watch it and had to stop halfway in because it made me feel queasy.

    definitely gets a tw for animal cruelty & i wouldn’t recommend to anyone who is vegetarian / vegan.

    (thank you anon!)

    -mod b

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  19. Anonymous said:
    TW in Flux Buddies #28 at 12:50 for Kim defining male as having "a willy."

    thank you anon!

    -mod b

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