1. Anonymous said:
    You do know that sjin thing is almost a year old right? This has been resolved, why bring it up again. Run out of people to slander?

    I’m bringing it up again because people asked and because I know the girls involved don’t want it to die out, they’re just unable to talk about it without having a lot of fans go “Oh my god forgive and forget!” “Oh you’re just lying” and a million swears thrown their way. But the thing is, I don’t give a fuck about a million swears thrown my way because I’d much rather face that than let this die out. I will demand an apology. 

    And how exactly was it resolved? By dying out? And totally you know the game we play here, 100% slander every Yogscast member because that’s our goal. Slander.

    And to the person who submitted that edit, I know you can easily fake shit like that (although I don’t appreciate the use of that slur you threw in there like wtf, I get you wanna prove a point but really?) but this wasn’t just 1 person, this is 8-9 girls who are sticking by their story and some didn’t even know eachother but they opened up about it when one of them took the lead. If anything there may have been more girls we don’t know about.

    Fuck off with the victim blaming bullshit.

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  3. Anonymous said:
    Sjin made a tweet a while ago calling said girl his girlfriend, I think it's pretty confirmed.

    Oh, well in that case I was unaware. 

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  5. Anonymous said:
    He has his girlfriend in a magic police video, at least that's what I read on reddit.

    Oh, well it’s still unconfirmed.

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  7. Anonymous said:
    There have been a couple of hints that he's dating someone. I hope they don't get hurt.

    There has been a rumour running round that he’s dating someone although it seems mostly just fandom talk, haven’t seen anything actually being said by Sjin or anyone else.

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  9. Anonymous said:
    Also he was in a relationship at the time. Even if the girls were consenting and overage (which they apparently weren't), that's scummy.

    Oh yeah, there’s also that. 

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  11. Anonymous said:
    Wait, two or three more recently? Fucking hell.

    Like about… 6 or so months ago? Another girl contacted me and said Sjin was talking to her and offering to pay her flight to the UK so they could have sex and then there was something about him two timing and then someone else cropped up about 4 months ago. It’s really confusing. 

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  13. Anonymous said:
    Sjin didn't actually do anything wrong. They were of legal age and they were consenting.

    Except 2 of the girls were 15 at the time and that’s underage by UK law. And come on, I mean using his status as an internet celebrity to get something from girls is a bit creepy.

    Edit: And actually no, when I think about it, some of the girls weren’t consenting, he’d just make the conversation more sexual and they didn’t know what to do.

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  15. Anonymous said:
    I don't mean to be a sceptic, but where is the proof that Sjin did any of these things?

    If it was 1 girl I’d be sceptic but I’d still side with the victim on it but when it’s 8-9 girls and recently like 2-3 more either Sjin can come up and say something about it or he’s just avoiding the issue. 

    There’s screenshots (but apparently that isn’t proof enough cause a lot of people will insist it could be a fake Sjin / faked screenshot) and there’s the voice of the victims who actually spoke up about it.

    If you think this is all bullshit by all means go and ask Sjin and get an answer from him then.

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  17. Anonymous said:
    I often wonder what would happen if someone took a con ask panel as an opportunity to call out the Yogscast on a few things, Sjin in particular. A crowd of a few thousand people is hard to shy away from when it comes to the sexual harassment of a minor.

    While I do want it to be confronted, I don’t think a con would be the best idea. It’s a very serious topic which a lot of people could be triggered by and quite frankly a lot of the other Yogscast members may feel uncomfortable having to hear about, it should be about confronting Sjin one on one for what he did and he should apologize without trying to cover up the things he did.

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  19. Anonymous said:
    I have actually wondered if the rest of the Yogs know about Sjin. I can't imagine them being comfortable with it but of course we don't really know them outside of their YouTube personalities.

    I wanna believe they don’t know but it seems more likely to me they do know and avoid the issue entirely.

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