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    Hi sorry i just saw the post about saying the yogscast didn't care it was traced, could you please let this be known that just because they haven't said anything doesn't mean they don't care. As proven they didn't know and when they did find out it was taken off the store and Hannah did ask people not to give the artist grief

    We literally got an ask a few minutes later being told it’s taken down and posted that, but sure! :D

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    Well i wasn't wrong...I just did;t have the full story :s


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    actually that previous anon is wrong. Teutron said they're taking it off of the store at this moment, and that it's not okay that it was traced.

    Anon you beat me to the post! :P

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    If you visit boaillustration there is a big debate over smerrydraws tracing over a flipped batgirl image for Hannahs owl girl. The yogs don't seem to care. (sorry for bad english.)

    Yeah, no. Selling traced art isn’t okay. 

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  9. Anonymous said:
    I found something that I felt was a bit inappropriate. In the YogsQuest 2 - Episode 8 - Bye Bye Blueballs episode, at around 12:40, Lewis makes a "joke" (idk) about how he would have made Duncan's eyes bulge out of his sockets, and then the group start laughing and an animation is placed on screen of Duncan's character's eyes popping out. I felt this was very "problematic" since Boss-Eyedness is a real problem, and this was a very lax way of having such a thing come up in a video... uncomfortabe

    While I don’t believe they were referencing that specifically, I do believe that it warranted a warning for the likes of gore and could make people uncomfortable or sick. 

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    If you check Sjins tumblr, he just apologised for his misinterpretation (I think thats the word) of the meaning of asexuality! So glad I forwarded him that blog post and looked like he took notice!


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  13. actualtrottimus:

    lalnable hector is a character who is made out to be a ‘psychotic muderer’, was introduced in a scene in yoglabs that could basically just be summed up as “lol we locked the crazy people away”, and it is very likely that hes going to return in flux buddies as just a big bad scary villain and nothing more.
    a character like this really shouldnt be used for coping with mental disorders, because even if lalnable is neurotypical and is just supposed to be 100% evil, he still has his actions explained with the idea of being mentally ill. they are using mental illness to explain violent evil behaviour.
    if you are mentally ill (like me lmfao), youre not supposed to see yourself in lalnable. lalnable isnt supposed to be relatable or good representation of neuroatypical people. that last post i made probably didnt do a very good job at expressing my problems with lalnables character bc i was tired as fuck when i wrote it, but as much as i love the yogs i really dont trust them with lalnable. i really dont trust them to write for a character like lalnable without making him into a joke about mentally ill patients or implying that hes “evil” because of mental illness.

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  15. nospok said:
    hello! I just wanted to say that I really like this blog. It's strangely comforting :)

    Glad we can be of comfort! :D

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  17. kirindave:


    pillowclouds replied to your post “is kirindave at all problematic. i dont want him to be problematic ”

    unfortunately yea. he excused self harm because its “not actually self harm its just a way to portray blood magic” after someone politely asked someone to tag it.

    nooooooooo why is it always the favs

    Actually, that’s not what I said. In fact, I object strongly to people who portray blood magic AS self-harm. I then pointed out the author’s intent with the mod, because I not only know the author but helped design many parts of the mod in tandem with him.

    People who portray blood magic as self harm are not only making light of a serious subject, but they’re canonically and patently wrong.

    And as someone who has a history of dealing with urges to harm myself going all the way back to early childhood, I’d thank you kindly to not tell me or others what my opinions are on the subject. You do not know because I do not talk about it often. I only do when people start concern trolling the Blood Magic author.

    Let me restate in its own paragraph just so we’re clear:

    1. People showing blood magic as self harm are canonically wrong.
    2. People showing blood magic as self harm are flirting with a dangerous subject.
    3. I find it offensive when people like DireWolf20 suggest that Blood Magic will lead children to self-harm. People do not hurt themselves for power everlasting.
    4. I will not let you dictate to other people my opinions on this very important subject. If you think you know better than I do what I think, then we have have a problem and I’ll make that very clear on every post you make about me.
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  19. Anonymous said:
    Um i don't know if you post tws for single videos anymore so feel free to ignore this! -- Trigger Warning for transphobic slur in Modded Madness #114 10:55-11:30ish, Bebop uses a female FaceRig and calls himself a 'manlady'.

    ye we do still post for individual videos!! thank you anon!!

    (this whole cleaning-up-the-tags-business is just kinda difficult when all mods are so busy with school&work. we’ll get to that in the future, big promise! C:)

    -mod b

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