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    hi, i havent looked through ur blog yet so sorry if u already have this posted! apparently hannah wrote a big thing about how sarah needed to be left behind and i was just wondering if u either had that posted or knew any more info about it?

    hello anon, we have not received anything about it & i did a quick search but could only find info about people being upset about the general ending hannah got.

    if anybody knows more about this, links would be super lovely!

    -mod b

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    hey, that masterpost you just reblogged, half the links dont work so maybe you guys should check that before reblogging. just saying!

    Fixed the broken links! :)

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  5. get educated



    a short masterpost of posts about how oppression works and why cisphobia / reverse racism / heterophobia isn’t real. please stop complaining about it now

    You can give someone water, but you can’t make them thirsty AKA don’t ask people to “educate you” when they’ve already given you the resources to do so.

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  7. shotboy2000-feministhate said:
    I think this blog is full of over sensitive retards, if something offends you, you go and make a tumblr blog to complain about it? I honestly think you should look at yourself compared to society, you are outcast and to cope with it you hide away in this site like its some sort of purgatory.

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  9. Anonymous said:
    Many Japanese people in Japan aren't bothered by Japanese stereotypes, much like how many white Americans aren't bothered by stereotypes of white people, but those stereotypes can still be harmful to east Asians living in white-dominated countries. A lot of the time we aren't taken seriously in these countries and are seen as punchlines and/or sex objects. Also, "Jap" is sometimes considered a slur, so it may be safer to abbreviate with "JPN". - a Japanese-American anon

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  11. Anonymous said:
    I think that Japanese Anon is correct at some parts and that it's wrong to assume that everyone would be offended, but at the same time the Japanese Anon is also wrongly assuming that everyone wouldn't be offended. At the end of the day I think that it all comes down to opinions and that if someone takes it as a racist remark, they can believe it's racist. But if someone else thinks it's absolutely fine and amusing, then it can be exactly that.

    The only problem being this happens a lot with racism issues, they’re often called ‘debates’ or are ‘up for debate’ as to whether they’re racist or not.

    It’s different to say “Oh I don’t mind personally and probably some other people don’t mind” or to say “Oh I find this funny so therefore its not racist.”

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  13. Anonymous said:
    I really don't get the Jap anon who thinks that just because they are ok with Sip's new intro, it makes it not racist, just offensive. FYI, the culture depicted in the into is an amalgamation of East Asian culture as depicted in popular media. The gong sounds, the slant eyes, the exaggerated pronunciations of syllables can easily be applied to China or Korea as well (Tu-sound doesn't even exist in Jap ffs). If you find it funny, ok. but it doesn't make it not problematic. -Another Asian.

    Another voice to the matter.

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  15. Anonymous said:
    How have you yourself experienced racism as a greek national living in greece? -Different anon but on japanese anon's side (sorry :3)

    I don’t experience racism firsthand, I experience something different called xenophobia because of being half-english and choosing to assist where I can with racism, I’m sorry if I made it sound like I’m facing racism, that was my bad, and I’m not trying to compare what I face to racism, it barely even matches up.

    However I can assist on the idea that Greece is a country that caters to Western ideals, it’s a tourist location and so of course a lot of the culture is lost or exchanged for being attractive to other people. We’ve gone as far as abandoning the fact that a lot of historical figures in Greece were black or brown people and opted in for more white ones. 

    What I meant about Greece being racist though is:

    What I meant to say was I live in a country that is deep rooted in racism so I do see the effect it has on the Pakistani people that come to live here, they are treated as if they’re dirty by adults and are shunned by the society here, there was even a case recently in the news not far from where I live where 2 Pakistani workers got shot dead to because they dared ask for their money. It’s abhorrent conditions.

    The children who are allowed in the schools are also shunned by other kids because of the poisonous preconceptions the adults have put into them about how they are disease ridden or thieves, anything that will make them look bad. 

    So while I don’t experience it firsthand, or at least I don’t experience it because I appear white doesn’t go to say that I’m not a witness to it and cannot garner what ‘causes what. Regardless I’m not even voicing my opinion on the Sips thing, I’m merely echoing what another Asian person has said about the situation because I trust they know better.

    Edit: Woops, I forgot to add, I’m not trying to say that the Japanese anon’s words don’t hold any weight in this argument, I’m merely stating that their take on the situation doesn’t automatically mean there is no issue, there are a lot of times where a group won’t agree on something and we have one here, but for the sake of those who are affected I will side with the people it affects.

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  17. Anonymous said:
    I can really tell that you, unlike me, have never truley experienced racism. The fear, violence and isolation of it. I hope you never do. But I really think you need to learn the difference when someone may be offensive, and when someone is being actually racist. There is a big difference. And what you must stop doing is telling me that I don't know what effects western culture has had on my own culture in the country where I've lived my whole life. Or that I must either be offended or stupid...

    enough to not understand. You can read tumblr posts about it all you like, sitting behind whatever western computer screen that tells you about white beauty and all that crap. But until you’ve experienced racism, don’t act like a high and mighty expert on it, declaring entire countries and cultures utterly scandalised over some yogscast joke because thats not whats happening. ITs not racist, the yogscast aren’t racist. They sometimes say offensive jokes as we all do, and thats all. Japanese Anon

    So you don’t believe that racist jokes feed into racist people feeling validated because “hey look that person finds shit like this funny.”

    Also referring to yourself as Japanese anon doesn’t do much for me apart from tell me you’re someone? Literally you could be anyone right now writing this in an attempt to force a hand? The person who brought the issue up originally was one of my friends and she herself while not Japanese is also Asian, so literally, you’re arguing against how other Asian people feel about this situation here. 

    Also I live in Greece? The racism here is rampant. 

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  19. Anonymous said:
    Certainly. I said that I found it incredibly offense that one of your mods basically made a sweeping remark that the dirt quest is automatically offensive to all Japanese people, as if none of us had a sense of humour. I've also seen a remark that Japanese people are oppressed? We have one of the largest economies on earth so I was quite confused about that. I've also seen a remark that we're all depressed by white beauty? Have you been to japan? Most of the cosmetic models here are Japanese.

    please research how racist stereotypes affect people in real-life. please research how japanese people are seen in western countries and what fucked up notions are being held up as true. have a look at the representation of japanese people in media. have a look at how japanese women are seen (and turned into a fetish) in western countries.

    it all boils down to a very twisted version of “asian” (regardless of the fact that this is like saying “european”, it holds no value at all), that is racist as fuck.

    the intro of dirtquest is racist; this is not a question of taste or whether you prefer blue socks to red and i like red socks more.

    a “good” intention to just produce “funny” content is NOT an excuse to pull this crap. this is not about taking life too seriously or finding everything on earth offensive, it is about these seemingly small things holding up a network of harmful things that affect people in real-life.

    i don’t know what else to tell. it makes me genuinely sad that what i wrote upset you, because i don’t even know if what i wrote just now is able to reach you.

    -mod b

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